Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has ordered changes to the police use of force policy.

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Atlanta Mayor Lance Bottoms on Monday ordered a change in Atlanta Police Department policy on the use of force in response to outrage over the fatal shooting of a police officer in the Rayshard Brooks.

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The mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms, announces Monday political changes in the use of force by the Atlanta Police Department.

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Brooks escaped with the shock device of an officer who tried to stop him Friday when he opened fire on Wendy’s drive-in. The autopsy revealed that the 27-year-old man had been shot in the back and confessed to his death as murder. The murder gave rise to new protests against racism and police violence against black men and women, following the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police on Memorial Day.

Bottoms called the shooting a murder and said it shouldn’t end like this.

It disgusted and saddened me to the extreme, the mayor said.

Bottoms said she would sign a series of administrative orders requiring Atlanta police officers to use only objectively appropriate force necessary to protect themselves or others, to arrest someone or to take control of someone who resists. Orders will also require de-escalation tactics prior to the use of lethal force in order to achieve voluntary compliance and thereby avoid or minimize the use of physical force. They set limits on when a cop can use lethal force against a suspect in a moving vehicle. And they codify the duty to intervene in a policy that obliges employees to do so if they see that other employees use unnecessary violence.

Atlanta Police Department policy now allows police officers to use lethal force to apprehend a suspect when they have reason to believe that the suspect is in possession of a deadly weapon or an object, device or instrument that, if used on offensive use against a person, may cause or is likely to cause serious personal injury, and when they have reason to believe that the suspect poses an imminent threat of serious personal injury. It also allows the use of lethal force where there is reason to believe that the suspect has caused or is likely to cause serious physical harm and that his or her flight would create a lasting risk of serious physical harm to a person.

It was stated below that the policy of the Atlanta Police Department should make it clear that policemen are supposed to be protectors of society, not soldiers. She said the department’s power policy had already been reviewed by a working group convened last week. The working group is expected to make the first recommendations within 14 days and then, on the basis of the Community contributions, to publish the final recommendations within 45 days, according to Mr Bottomtoms.

As we review our policy on the use of force through our working group, it has become very clear to me that we, through my executive, must reaffirm our desire for de-escalation, not the immediate use of force, if there are other options, Mr Bottoms said.

Atlanta police shot Rayshard Brooks on the second night of the protest.

The mayor’s speech came after thousands of protesters marched in Georgia’s state capital, Atlanta, where the state legislature held its first session since the coronavirus pandemic. The march was nominated by the National Association for the Advancement of People of Colour, a public branch of the civil rights group.

We have put an end to death, says an ANAP statement calling for an end to police violence against our communities.

Demonstrators removed photos of Floyd, Brooks, and another Georgian, Ahmod Arberi, a black man who was killed on 23 March. February, after being chased by three white men in a van while jogging. On Monday the demonstrators also called for a law on hate crimes after the murder of Arbury.

Brooks’ death came after police responded to a complaint that a man was sleeping in his car at Wendy’s. Brooks wouldn’t have passed the police austerity test and when the police tried to stop him, a fight broke out. Brooks was shot during his escape after he caught one of the Taser officers. The video shows how it rotates and aligns the laser just before recording.

Brooks’ family said the officer had to be brought to justice. His widow Tomika Miller told CBS correspondent Mark Strassmann that the officer should be charged with murder because the use of force was not justified.

Georgian march calls for racial justice

When it comes to law enforcement, you can’t have it both ways, Brooks family lawyer L. Chris Stewart told Associated Press. You can’t say Thaser isn’t a deadly weapon… …but if an African-American catches it and runs away with it, it’s now some kind of deadly weapon…

Officer Garrett Rolf was fired from the police force and the Atlanta police chief resigned a few hours after the shooting.  Prosecutors in Georgia have stated that they have weighed the charges…

If that shot was not fired to save that officer’s life or to prevent him from getting hurt, that shot is not legally justified, said Fulton Attorney General Paul Howard.

As departments across the country change their policies after the Floyd assassination, Bodems said the expectations of agents who won’t be different in Atlanta are changing.

The police reform was one of the most urgent demands of the demonstrators who took to the streets of American cities. The mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, announced Monday that she is setting up a task force to review the use of force by officers in her city, the third largest in the nation. Lightfoot explained that the aim will be to develop better policies and training for our employees so that we can enable them to respond adequately to situations and prevent incidents of excessive violence.

In California, police unions in San Jose, San Francisco and Los Angeles have condemned Floyd’s death and promised to reform their policy of violence and eliminate racist agents.

In New York City, police commissioner Dermot Shea said that about 600 plainclothes officers will be transferred to new positions, including community policing.

This is a seismic shift in the culture of how NYPD conducts policy in this big city, Shea said.

In her speech on Monday, Mrs. Bottoms panicked when she said she had watched a video from a police camera and heard Brooks talking about attending her daughter’s birthday party before she died.

To see Mr. Friday night, Brooks said he wanted to go home for his daughter’s birthday, broke my heart, said Bottoms and held back his tears. And there’s nothing I can say or do as mayor to bring him back or change what happened Friday. This means that every day I’ll keep trying to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.

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Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has ordered changes to the police use of force policy.

Atlanta Mayor Lance Bottoms on Monday ordered a change in Atlanta Police Department policy on the use of force in response to outrage over...

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