Kendrick Perkins explains why LeBron is better than Michael Jordan.

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The hype around Michael Jordan is at its peak these days. Thanks to the Last Dance we are all in the front row to see his greatness for the first time since the 90s.

But for many, their point of view hasn’t changed, and when it comes to the goat discussion, Lebron James is still in charge. On ESPN’s Get Up! show, former NBA boss Kendrick Perkins defended his position after declaring that LBJ was better than Jordan.

Speaking of LeBron James, in no other sport has there been a single athlete like LeBron James who has exceeded expectations for him. Let’s talk about LeBron James. LeBron James, an average of 27 points, 7.5 assists, 7.5 rebounds per career – and let’s go a little further. We’re going to talk about Lebron James, who will probably be number one or number two on the NBA credit list forever. It’s LeBron James, who will be at the first five to ask for help. This is LeBron James, which ends with over 10,000 twists and turns. That makes them the best players in the NBA, and you want to go one step further, Green? Guess what. Lebron James played 17 years in the NBA, he reached the last 9 times, representing more than 50% of his career in the finals.

Figures like these make this Source/MJ a subject of discussion. It’s not open or closed, as if one were trying to do it. When you look at the numbers like that, the ring speaks more clearly about the team than the individuals!

Source is my goat and I like it. Come on!

– Kendrick Perkins (@KendrickPerkins) 14. May 2020.

He even turned to the argument of the killer mentality often used to defeat James.

Besides, don’t make me start with the Greene, please don’t make me start with this. Oh, LeBron James doesn’t have a killer spirit like Michael Jordan. Oh, leave me alone! I’ll tell you a little story. Υou remember when Lebron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers, he first went to Miami Heat. Remember the old letter Dan Gilbert wrote about LeBron James, he called them all after the sun – he called them Benedict Arnold. And LeBron James took it. What did Lebron James do after winning the next two Miami Heat titles? He said: You know what I owe to the city of Cleveland, Ohio, to all the Cleveland Cavalry fans around the world. So he came home and guess what he did to Greene? He won the NBA Championship by a wide margin.

I need to refer to this list as house numbers.

@KendrickPerkins offers a convincing argument for keeping Lebron number 1.

– Get up (@GetUpESPN) 14. May 2020.

Lebron James should definitely be part of this conversation. When all this is said and done, Bron can add more to his resume.

But what James has done in his NBA career is just extraordinary. Maybe we need a documentary film to really appreciate what he’s done?

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