New Orleans Saints’ top five rivals of all time, ranked

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The New Orleans Saints and their admirers made no enemies in the field. There are several teams that play the Saints against twice a year in the southern AFC, and they are big opponents, but there are also teams outside the division that also seem very intense when they go into battle. Let’s bet on the five greatest rivals of the saints.

5. Dallas Cowboys

The Saints and the Dallas Cowboys are not in the same league, but they are geographically close, which adds a little more warmth to the comparison every time two teams meet. Cowboy fans are everywhere, but in Louisiana there seem to be more of them than usual, which makes the competition even more intense, especially with the fans.

Only two teams have played 30 times, with the cowboys winning 17 games. Lately, however, this series has been dominated by saints. In the last twelve games against the Cowboys, the Saints have won nine.

4. Chicago Bear

Maybe it’s more for the fans because of what’s happening on the field, but now there’s no doubt that every time the Chicago Bears and Saints come face to face, there’s something extra in the game.

When the Saints attended an NFC championship game in Chicago in 2006, there were several signs in the crowd that the Saints were out of the game. The bear fan had a sign that said… Bears finish what Katrina started. The other sign was: During the flood, Noah saved the bears, not the saints.

These signs were not only unacceptable, but they also added a level of rivalry that had never been achieved before. The bears won that match, but the saints have a small advantage because they won 16 of the 31 matches between the two teams.

3. The Minnesota Vikings

The rivalry between the Minnesota Vikings and the New Orleans Saints is mainly due to the play-off rivalry between the two teams. The Saints first appeared in the play-offs in 1987, but the Vikings gave them a rough ride in the off-season, beating them 44-10.

In 2009 the team experienced an NFC championship match, but this time it was Drew Bree and the Saints who defeated Brett Favre and the Vikings.

Most fans recently remember the miracle of Minneapolis in the 2017 playoffs, when Stephon Diggs scored a touchdown in his last game. When these two teams play against each other, there is always a little more intensity.

2. Caroline Panthers

The rivalry between the Panthers and the Carolina Saints took on a whole new dimension when Jake Delomme left the Saints to turn the Panthers into a Super Bowl contender. These two teams also had a lot of fights on the field, including the time when Jeremy Shockie ran back and forth on the sidelines and knocked over a bird. The saints and panthers have played 51 times and are mostly dead. The saints won 26 matches and the panthers 25.

It is a great rivalry, because something small can set off fireworks on both sides at any time.

1. Atlanta Hawks

When the falcons and Sacred Atlantis are playing, you usually have to watch TV, because there is a good chance that fireworks will be set off. Love is not lost between the two units, and there is usually a lot of talk about rubbish. Especially in the last decade – these are two teams full of talent, which has made the confrontations even more interesting. When these two teams meet, the title of NFC South is often at stake.

The first match between the Falcons and the Saints took place in 1967, when the Saints won for 27-24 years. In general, Falcons have a small advantage: You’ve won 53 out of 102 games.

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New Orleans Saints’ top five rivals of all time, ranked

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