Will Justin Jefferson or CeeDee Lamb have a better career in the NFL?

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Both winners graduated from Louisiana State University and Blue Blood College at the University of Oklahoma, so Justin Jefferson and CD Lamb have a lot to prove in their new season.

The beneficiaries called in the first round of the NFL had mixed results. Cory Davis, Lakuon Treadwell and John Ross were big disappointments for their teams, while Larry Fitzgerald, Randy Moss and Julio Jones saw their careers in the NFL flourish after being summoned in the first round.

Justin Jefferson and CD Lamb both belonged to a widely recognized receiver class that included Henry Ruggs III, Jerry Jeudy, Jaylen Raygor, Denzel Mims, T. Higgins, Laviska Shannault, and many other reliable receivers who could contribute to the 2020 NFL crime season. Lamb, with Ruggs III and Geofferson, was one of the top recipients in the design, while Jefferson failed with some of the ladies as the design approached and became a Type 1B for teams looking for WR talent, but not willing to go up to get it.

The conditions were solid for both players – Jefferson went to the Minnesota Vikings on the 22nd. Pixel and Lamb – the fifth, for Jefferson – with the Dallas Cowboys on the 17th. While Jefferson became a solid projection in the early and mid-twenties, the lamb couldn’t miss the 10-14 peak, so it was considered one of the morning flights to Dallas when they finally picked it up without getting up to take it.

When comparing these two players, one must take into account their physical condition and their offensive patterns to ensure consistent play on the field – the jump.

Justin Jefferson

Jefferson led the Tigers as the main target of Joe Barrow’s first overall squad on the 111, which was 1,540 yards, and finished second after teammate Ja’marr Chase at touchdown.

Jefferson enters the competition with a wingspan of 33 inches and a weight of 6’1 and 202 pounds. He was a major vertical threat to the Vikings, who saw him as a replacement for the production that went to Buffalo with Stephon Diggs. He drove the dashboard at 4.43 40 meters, which isn’t flamboyant, but it’s fast enough, and Jefferson’s role will be to take the pressure off the current number one Adam Tilen and give Kirk’s cousins a reliable way to conquer the passage.

CDI Lamb

If the cowboys didn’t have the urgent need to design such a high WR, the lamb will have the luxury of being raised slower than most WR in the first round. As he plays for both Amari and Michael Gallup, the recordings of The Lamb will help him become a friend of Duck Prescott and eventually fill the role that came out after Cole Beasley left for Buffalo a few seasons ago.

Lincoln Riley’s time on the offensive side at WU will help him make the transition to the NFL, especially in terms of preparing Lincoln Riley to lead the team and his offensive plan. Lamb’s role in the NFL will be less defined at an early stage, but he may have better career potential than Jefferson.


As Jefferson adapts to the attack, which is more comfortable for him outside the goal, the inconsistent play of his QB cousins weakens his penetration and the way their game with Dalvin Cook lies behind a strongly balanced line of attack.

The lamb, on the other hand, fits perfectly into all three pickup sets and contributes to the stability of Cooper and Gallup, while he can enjoy himself outside the challenges of the game if the offender decides not to feed Ezekiel Elliot.

Lamb’s career potential seems a little better than Jefferson’s, although it takes a few years to fully exploit it.

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Will Justin Jefferson or CeeDee Lamb have a better career in the NFL?

  Both winners graduated from Louisiana State University and Blue Blood College at the University of Oklahoma, so Justin Jefferson and CD Lamb have a...


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